Thursday, 7 April 2022

… the building shook and then …

Not so long ago my dad worked as a drainlayer in town. One time his co-worker was driving through the neighbourhood where all the fancy buildings were, and when he got to the end of the street he tried putting the pipe on the truck and he missed. The pipe hit the ground which made a big bang and across the road the building shook and then the lady who worked in the building came out and started growling at him. Well anyway that’s all that my dad told me. I wished the story would go on but it didn’t.

One Day

 One day I was at home watching tv and then the news came on it said underground there are monsters’s shaking I didn't believe it so I went to kmart when I got outside then the building shook and then the monsters came out of the ground it started eating peoples it was only me there i did research and their weakness is fire so i made a fire trap i made them stand in it they died and that's how i saved the day i got paid 1 billion dollars everyone knew me i was so famous and was happy.


One day early in the morning a cookie monster  who teleported from Mars ate a roll of tape. He then took a poo and the tape came rolling out. Cookie mons ter   got very confused because the tape had an evil face and just rolled away. 

He then rolled all the way to a building on fire. As he rolled he grew. He approached the building and he oO𝕸 the building shook and then collapsed THEN out of nowhere ELMo appeared from SATURN, grabbed everyone that were in the remains of what used to be a building.



 One day there was a big dinosaur rampage it was charging through building al the building shook and then it tumbled down a big hill big make a big bang at the bottom the road was closed the dinosaur was a robot hat evil people were using to rob a bank the military  came with tank and rocket launcher they keep trying to explowed it but the dinosaur shot bugs bunny rockets at them they were fake rocket it looked real but it cardboard the reinforced tanks came and they blow the dinosaur up then the world was luckily safe .

Nuclear Worm

 It was 2 in the morning, I couldn't sleep so I got up to get a drink. It was then that I heard the explosion, it was distant but intrigued me so I changed into my clothes and drove off to the explosion. Soon I saw what had happened. A plane had crashed into a nuclear power plant. There was an awful smell floating in the air. I went to investigate the only building left. Inside it was horrible  THEN!! A giant mutant worm emerged from the ground crushing me.the building shook and then I fell into dark nothingness.


 One rainy evening I was eating a cookie time cookie with Libby in her apartment building. Then BOOM out of nowhere the building shook AND THEN      cooki e monster appeared out of nowhere and took us to cookie time world and got us heaps of cookie time cookies for free. But when we got back Libby's apartment had collapsed!! “Oh no what a tragedy we said” THEN big yellow bird appeared and said she could live with him but Libby was scared of big yellow bird so she kindly said no and came and lived with me in my house. 

The Hercules

 In the weekend my uncle and I went and did our model flying and lucky no one had crashed their plane but I almost crashed into the top of a tree. Then I safely landed and I also had 5 fights. After that me and my uncle started picking up the planes and went home for lunch and we also unpacked the car and then we had same lunch.Then the building shook me and my uncle ran fast outside and the Hercules came flying down very very low from the ground but there was two of them.

… the building shook and then …

Not so long ago my dad worked as a drainlayer in town. One time his co-worker was driving through the neighbourhood where all the fancy buil...