Wednesday, 30 March 2022

The Magical Leaf

I went for a walk in the forest and I could see a huge leaf. There were also a million little snails formed up all into one big snail. We sat on either side of the snail and had some food. We had some sandwiches and drinks, the leaf was magical and it would flash into different colours every minute. It went red then yellow then orange then brown then back and just continued. Each step you took you would hear a crunch but the leaf never flattened or got holes in it.

That's the way of the magical leaf.

Friday, 25 March 2022

Ethan Breaks a Leg

 One day at the skatepark where there was somebody named Ethan and he loved his roller skates but he did not know how to ride them but his favourite colour was yellow but get this his roller skates are yellow too so he loved them. THE next day Ethan Went to the hospital because Ethan had broken his leg because Ethan and his mum went to Sea Bay for a swim and Ethan swam a long way and ran out of the pool and Ethan tripped over a tiny hole in the ground and broke his own leg. The end.  

My Yellow Roller Skates

 I was in town with my yellow roller skates and cut my knee. I had to go to the hospital. They gave me pills for pain relief. My mum bought my family waterpark tickets because I was being brave. It was fun I swam to the end of the pool and back it was tiring but fun. We went home and chilled for a bit and had Macca’s for dinner. It was good I got full quickly, after that I went to clean up because I was dirty. I had a shower the I went to bed around eight.

The Stunned Doctors

Early in the morning I decided that I wanted to go swimming, so I jumped into my togs and swam. I saw a few tiny fishes. It started to get cold so I wrapped my towel around me and  went back home and had some breakfast. I put on my neon yellow roller skates and KABOOM I fell over then I woke up in a hospital bed with Doctors, Nurses, and even Surgeons!! I stuttered and asked w-w-what's going on!? How’d I get here!? They all looked at me confused and said that I was pronounced dead 4 hours ago.

The Attack of the Bees

 I woke up in hospital from a bee attack from a swarm of tiny yellow bees this took place yesterday. I was riding my new roller skates I Got for my birthday when the sky got overlapped by bees. As the sky darkened I realised what was happeningI was being attacked. I raced home but the door was locked. I was stuck,I grabbed my baseball bat to stand up to the fearless yellow bits of evil. It was too late wrapped around me and stung one by one. Now I'm in the hospital.

Thursday, 24 March 2022

Miss Yellow

 One day there was a hospital assistant named "Miss Yellow." She loved a tiny pair of  roller skates across the river. Every day she proceeded to swim across the river to check if she had enough money to buy them, but everyday the price went up. One time as Miss Yellow was swimming across the river she felt something on her leg but she thought nothing of it. When she got to the other side she couldn't stand up, she looked at her legs and realised ONE leg and died. She also got infected with lots of gross disgusting maggots.

Bad Luck

 One day I was out on roller skates having fun when I saw a strange hole in a tree. I put my hand in it. Suddenly! there was an angry buzzing BEES! I quickly skated as fast as I could but the air was soon full of tiny yellow angry BEES. I was desperately trying to outrun the BEES while finding an escape. Then I spotted the river and jumped in. I waited for a while then swam to the side then continued  skating but then whoosh I fell. I woke up in hospital. Could this day get any worse?

Little Boy Timmy

Little Boy Timmy

By Liam

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Timmy. He took part in a triathlon where you had to swim, use roller skates and run. He was tiny but he still wanted to have a go. He got his yellow swimming togs on and swam his hardest. He got first place in the swimming and ran to his skates. He put his skates on and skated off but he didn't buckle himself up properly and broke his ankle. He was rushed to the hospital. He was gutted but still got a medal for participation. He was so happy.

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